Things You Should Know About Harp Music

Things You Should Know About Harp Music - Things You Should Know About Harp Music

Harp music is simply fascinating. It has been mentioned in various historical contexts. It is a big instrument with several strings that stretch to a soundboard. Sound is produced when the string is plucked. Here you will know about some interesting things about this music.

It Is an Old Musical Instrument

Harp is a very old musical instrument. It has been found in the burial sites in Sumer (modern-day Iraq) that are thought to have existed in 3500 BC. During the same time, harps were found in Egypt. It was on the walls of tombs and temples of ancient Egypt.

Things You Should Know About Harp Music 1 - Things You Should Know About Harp Music

The Instrument Changed Over The Years

A harp looked like a bow in ancient Egypt. It had only a few stretched strings. The player used to rest the bow on the knees and played standing. Then there was the open harp that had 19 strings. It didn’t’ have any pillar for supporting the strings.

The Asian version of the harp is lighter. These harps were played upside down. In 800 AD, the Irish harp was invented that had a fourth pillar. This evolved into the diatonic harp having 24 strings. The modern harp has 47 strings.

Different Types of Harps

There are two main types of harps: the lever and the pedal harp. The lever harp has levers that raise the string by a semi-tone, and it is diatonic as well. The beginners are comfortable playing this type of harp, and it is ideal for playing folk music.

The pedal harp has pedals that raised strings by two semi-tones. It is used to play advanced classical music. There is also the Celtic harp, Electric harp, American harp, and the guitar harp; however, they are less commonly used.

Harp music is very interesting and soothing. You will love hearing this music at any event. The harpists are talented, and the sound they produce is amazing.