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The harp is a very old form of musical instrument, and it has been played by musicians over the years. The modern harp is a bit different from the old ones.

The instrument has changed to some extent; if you want to know about harp music, you need to read some books on it, or contact us for more information.

First 50 Songs You Should Play on Harp – Hal Leonard Corp.

The first rule for being a harpist is to listen to as many harp songs as you can. This will familiarize you with this music genre. In this book, you will know about the first 50 songs you should play on the harp. The songs include Bring Him Home, Amazing Grace, My Heart Will Go On, You Raise Me Up, and others.

Traditional Folk Harp Christmas Vol. 2 – Susan Call Hutchison

The Christmas harp music mentioned here can be played on an even smaller harp without any lever. Here you will get 19 Christmas songs that are perfect for home, church, or any party. These songs are suitable for beginners. The melodies can be played on lap harps and even hand-held folk harps.

Basic Harp for Beginners – Laurie Riley

This is a very basic book on harp and is suitable for beginners. The book has lots of pictures, and the readers will find it easy to understand. If you are interested to learn about playing the harp, you will find this book very useful. You will learn about basic positioning, tuning, and more.

These books will help you learn about harp music. You can know the basic techniques that will help you to become a good performer. The books will encourage you to practice the harp.